A basic eat-and-run verification company guide

Various eat-and-run verification company (먹튀검증업체)  present the eat and run verification process as problematic, raising the thresholds of passage for individuals. Eating and drinking verification is exploring the security of the website along with the previous history of the website. In the verification interaction, four main considerations are inspected: deceptive history verification, site uptime, site capital strength, and site security.

Looking at the historic setting of eating and drinking on site

Lately, several verification sites have come together and shared the historical background of eating and drinking with individuals. Assuming your search for the name or address of the area of ​​the website you need to use in the Google search bar, you can take a look at the historical background of previous tricks regardless of whether the website has been reinstated.


Website working time is regularly related to the security of the website. The longer the site’s working time, the more stable the activity. Assuming you consider that a significant number of important organizations that individuals know of have been working for some time, you can see that site uptime is a vital element. For site uptime, you can check how long it is up by checking the site space on the Whois site.

Capital of a website

How to audit a website’s capital strength should be visible to see what the website is promoting and the number of extra places and occasions it offers. The greater the billing focus for new individuals when they sign up, the more grounded in the site’s capital. However, because there are many occasions doesn’t mean that the capital of the site is big. If it’s not too much trouble, use it by comparing it with different locales to see if the Toto site you need to use offers suitable occasions.

The security

The security of your website depends on whether you have an SSL or https membership. Most Toto locations do not use https binding, however, the SSL security testament protects individuals’ data, so you can verify that individual data is spilled. So, before using the site, check whether or not the site has a security statement.