Why Do You Always Lose On Online Slot Machines?

You always seem to lose on the slot machines. You have a run of bad luck and can’t put your finger on the cause. Maybe it’s that you haven’t practiced enough? Maybe it’s your mindset? Maybe it’s just pure mathematics? Well, both maths and tactics can have a big influence on how much money you’re going to win or lose. In this article, we’re going to break down some of these influencing factors and show you why online slot machines are so hard for players like us to win at. Here is why slot machines are so hard for players to win at.


Randomness is the main factor that contributes to the difficulty of winning at online slot machines. The online slot machine has a random number generator. It uses this to simulate a random outcome when you spin the reels. There are a lot of different possible outcomes, because you have multiple symbols to choose from. Randomness is a huge factor in online rtp slot machines and affects so many different aspects of the game. For example, sometimes the rollels will shift and get blocked by one of the symbols. When this happens, it can cause you to lose or win big.

rtp slotPayout

Another factor that affects the outcome of slot machines is the payout of the slot machine. This is how much money you win each time you play a slot machine. In this example, we will assume that our payout never goes higher than $20, because that’s what our payout limit is set to. We will also assume that there are no bonuses in place to add more money to your payout. Again, this has an effect on your odds of winning at the slot machine.


The gain is how much you win after all times are taken into account. It’s essentially what the payout will be multiplied by the amount of times you play. For example, with a payout of $20 and a gain of 100, we would expect to win $2000 when playing each slot machine over a certain set period. In this example, your odds of winning will be affected by this factor as well.