Some people think that good players get bad hits. In many cases, a good player with a good hand calls a bad player with a weak hand, and sometimes a bad player outperforms a good one. Conspiracy theorists argue as follows: casinos will earn more money from bad players the longer they play; thereby they seek to make them win from the very beginning.

Details on Online Poker Theories

While qq poker online games are becoming increasingly popular, many interested players are still on the verge of whether or not they should try. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is that many online casino players spread the word that online games are being manipulated. Nevertheless, the reality is that casinos are created taking into account the chances against the players, but some online players have invented some conspiracy theories, and although there may be some truth in them, there are logical explanations. With that said, let’s look at the most common conspiracy theories published on the Internet.

The logical explanation for this is that online games, as a rule, are played freely, and in this type of game good hands hold less. In addition, the rapid nature of online games doubles the chance of a good hand. It is possible that luck can be defeated by pure luck, and it is even more pronounced in the online world, where more games are played per hour.

Cash withdrawal is another conspiracy theory that many believe. In fact, this concerns the fact that someone collects some of their judi poker onlinewinnings, and as soon as they start playing again, they encounter a series of setbacks. The explanation of the conspiracy theorist is that casinos are oriented to people who take money because they take part of the money that the company can earn. Therefore, as soon as they play again, the money that they have is distributed among other people who are more likely to lose everything.

In summary

Strictly speaking, the retirement curse is real. With less money to buffer, you can explode sooner rather than later. Poker, although a skill game also depends on luck, which means that you may have a series of setbacks, and then a series of lucks. With a lot of money in the bank, you can survive this chain of failure without interrupting. The cash withdrawal curse is therefore a statistical law, not the fact that online casinos are turned on and off.

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