A Complete Guide Into Playing Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the popular online casino games these days. Nothing can compare to the thrill and excitement that this game can bring to its avid players. And now that roulette is available at any online casino site, players have more chances to play their favorite game in the comforts of their home. So if you are looking for information on how to start and play roulette at Betway, know that you have come to the right place.

How to Play Online Roulette

Learning how to play roulette is not as complicated as you think. As a beginner to this game online, it can be daunting. With the right information, you can now start playing this traditional casino game, and nobody can tell that you are a beginner. Given that you have already chosen Betway casino to play online roulette and that you have already signed up for an account and topped up, then here are the next steps to take:

  • Place Your Bet. Once you are already in the game, the first thing that you need to do is to place your first bet. You have to select the chip size that you want to bet with. Click on the table layout for you to place your bet.
  • Spin the Wheel. And when you have already placed your bet, click the “Spin” button to spin the wheel. Once the wheel is spun, it will drop the ball into the wheel. Now all you need to do is wait for it to stop spinning.
  • The Outcome. Once the wheel stops turning, the ball will settle in a particular pocket. If you have predicted where the ball lands, then you are the winner.
  • Collect Your Winnings. You have been lucky so that the dealer will issue your payout right away. Of course, the amount of payout you will receive will depend on the type of bet you have placed and the size of the bet.

Tips to Play Roulette And Win

No doubt that by now, you are already convinced that playing roulette is not that difficult to do, even online. However, since this is a game of luck, winning is another story. Like slots and other games of chance, winning online roulette needs you to take the next step. And that is to give yourself some time to try free games that are usually offered at reputable online casinos. Learn how to know your variance and play outside bets simply because outside bets will most likely make you win in roulette. And if you are a beginner, knowing these tips can help you have a great way to begin this journey.

Play Roulette at Betway

Betway is no doubt one of the most popular online casino sites in India. There are thousands of casino sites to choose from, but Betway is currently one of the most preferred by players from all across the world. Roulette at Betway is impossible to be cheated on. The games here are designed in a way that anyone can use their cheats. All you have to do is download and install the Betway app then you can have access to your roulette games anytime, anywhere.